All Hail Queen B

Move over Queen Elizabeth II, Queen B, or rather “Mrs. Carter” is coming and she’s going to tear up Europe. I’ve already expressed how smart and innovative the BeyoncĂ© machine is, and this is just another blip on her redonkulous radar of amazing branding and marketing. “After an explosive performance at this year’s Super Bowl, the […]


Geneva & Paris

Pretty sure “Geneva” is the city I associated with the country “Genovia” from the movie Princess Diaries: Don’t think I knew then, that Genovia was fictional, and Geneva was an actual city (the 2nd most populated city) in Switzerland. Either way, even now, what do I mainly identify with Switzerland? What most of America probably […]


Yanks vs Twins

ELATED when Ash told me we had a date last night at Yankee Stadium….for FREE (Ash is from Minn- so you can imagine her matched excitement to see the Twins!) Such a coincidence that a week ago I was looking into ticket prices and HOW I would get to several games this season- since I […]