Yanks vs Twins

ELATED when Ash told me we had a date last night at Yankee Stadium….for FREE (Ash is from Minn- so you can imagine her matched excitement to see the Twins!)

Such a coincidence that a week ago I was looking into ticket prices and HOW I would get to several games this season- since I really am a big fan since back in the day of Pauly O’Neill, got my Pettitte tee, and had YET to visit the new stadium.

So- I RAN home- literally, to change into my Pettitte tee and catch the 6:20 Metro North to the Yankees E153rd St. Station- just in time for 7:05 first pitch.

Love the convenience of the walk-way from the Metro North to the stadium- which leaves you smack infront of Gate 8-

…but of course, had to meet Ash at Gate 2 ON THE OTHER SIDE. Missed the first pitch- and the complimentary H&R Block Yankee 2011 caps- but we had awesome seats in the bleachers- where all the REAL fun is to be had!

BTW- getting that complimentary Yankees gear, if you missed it (because you didn’t come through a gate) is nearly impossible to go back and get- almost fought with one of the supervisors… I wanted one SO bad. Luckily, with my wit, charm, and eyelashes (LOL)- a very nice Air Force man infront of us gave me HIS! YAY!

SIDE NOTE: Given mine and Ashley’s attention to detail- we are through and through disappointed with the graphics on the big screens! Who designs them? Don’t they know how horrible more than 2 fonts look like on a PAGE?  Let alone a MASSIVE JUMBOTRON!

The players’ fonts, like you can see for Cano below is just heinous- the font next to it something else- and the line up on the right and scores on the bottom- ALL different fonts. Let’s go Yanks- step it up!

and… alla Jay-Z: I bleed blue baby, SO excited for the season- HELLO $5 bleacher seats!

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