Geneva & Paris

Pretty sure “Geneva” is the city I associated with the country “Genovia” from the movie Princess Diaries:

Don’t think I knew then, that Genovia was fictional, and Geneva was an actual city (the 2nd most populated city) in Switzerland. Either way, even now, what do I mainly identify with Switzerland? What most of America probably identifies:

Bunch of idiots we are really– because there’s so much more to Switzerland, like Geneva… in which I plan on introducing myself to in a couple of days. A trip long anticipated, and finally booked, I’m headed to Geneva for 5 days, to relax, and see my BFF from HS, who’s currently living in Geneva with his amazing family.


Just some of the chit-chatting I plan on doing with Geneva? Jardin Botanique, Lake Geneva (wine country), Cathedrale St Pierre, Vieille Ville (for the cobblestone), left bank (jewelers, shopping), chocolate sampling!, Le Paquis, just to name a few. And of course, since booking the flight- I see Geneva everywhere I go!!

Thinking most of the sight-seeing I can do in a couple of days, so I plan on hopping on a train to Paris for my last days as I’ll only be a couple hours away. Romantic city that everyone just FALLS IN LOVE WITH?!… meh, we’ll see. I’m a sucker for Italia, always have been- don’t know that Pariii is going to change my mind… but I will go in open minded. After all, you can’t deny this beauty:

…and I plan on rapping with Jay & Ye while there:

I’m going to try and blog at least twice while there, once from each city. Stay tuned!


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