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Why You MUST Be Social

I can’t stress it enough. No REALLY… how many times do I have to tell you guys? – The Social Formula + Pinterest – Social Strategy Done Right – this entire section of Social Media content If you need EVEN MORE assurance check out this infographic via @mediabistro – holistic FACTS about WHY YOUR BUSINESS MUST BE SOCIAL! Must read, […]


Social Strategy Done Right

I recently wrote a guest blog for @PRDivaBlog, run by @AliahPR, exploring social strategies done the right way. I’ll give you two hints on what it’s about… take a guess, then head on over and read it! 1. 2.  Have an idea? Either way, click here to read the blog! The article was originally written for and published by […]


Fendi Frenzy

Very cool Social strategy and partnership via Bergdorfs and Fendi– the social contest “Fendi Frenzy: The Color Challenge” they’ve created is for followers to design their own color combo’s for the new Fendi 2Bag set to preview for Fall 2011; see more rules and info below- You were allowed to ‘design’ as many as you […]