Fendi Frenzy

Very cool Social strategy and partnership via Bergdorfs and Fendi– the social contest “Fendi Frenzy: The Color Challenge” they’ve created is for followers to design their own color combo’s for the new Fendi 2Bag set to preview for Fall 2011; see more rules and info below-

You were allowed to ‘design’ as many as you wanted- but only got an ID and voting link for one ( I assume for dup purposes so there is only 1 person per combo up for voting)- this was the one they gave me an ID to- what do you think? Love it? VOTE FOR IT!

All you have to do is click here>>, if you don’t already LIKE Bergdorf’s it will prompt you to LIKE the page- then you’ll get a pop-up, where you’ll type your email (you can uncheck the “subscribe to emails” so you aren’t bothered)- and VOTE. Easy as cake!

Thank you, thank you in advance for the love and voting. Either way- whichever combo is chosen, will be a must-have bag!

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