Wired Autopia

Smart Disco

Smart Car just keeps surprising me… kudos! Awesome marketing and creative behind every partnership and design or concept-Smart=Car they premier. Like this cutie… how fierce! Love love love! Remember what they did for Valentine’s? “What’s small, round, covered in mirrors and usually moving very slowly? Why, a Smart Electric Drive glittered up like a disco ball, […]


If I Lived On a Beach

um… YES PLEASE! This little beach buggy is AMAZING: BamBoo Is High-Concept Beach Buggy via Wired Autopia! The BamBoo was designed as a “sun and fun” showcase for new technologies by Rinspeed chief Frank M. Rinderknecht with some help from pop artist James Rizzi, whose exuberant 3-D creations we’ve always liked. The design is where the […]