Smart Disco

Smart Car just keeps surprising me… kudos! Awesome marketing and creative behind every partnership and design or concept-Smart=Car they premier. Like this cutie… how fierce! Love love love! Remember what they did for Valentine’s?

“What’s small, round, covered in mirrors and usually moving very slowly? Why, a Smart Electric Drive glittered up like a disco ball, of course.”  Reminds me of Snookie’s shades, LOL. Love it.

“Curiously, the Smart has nothing to do with disco. It wasn’t commissioned by the Bee Gees or Tavares, and we know Disco Stu doesn’t advertise. The car is actually a prop for art-rockers Apparatjik, a high-concept supergroup consisting of a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen, Coldplay’s Guy Berryman, Jonas Bjerre of Mew and producer Martin Terefe. The Smart will glitter on the screen in a movie called Pixel City, filmed — of course — in Berlin.”

Read more via Wired Autopia

I wish Smart Car had collectables of their cars- I’d collect them!

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