The Numbers Game

Everyone has their moment when they come face to face with the power of Twitter.

My realization was the day everyone was playing The Numbers Game on Facebook. I remember logging on and seeing a couple of people playing and couple of tweets about not knowing what the Numbers Game was and why everyone was playing. Within 3 hours, “Numbers Game” was trending on Twitter… WORLDWIDE.

Here is my favorite number… while the game is supposed to be anonymous, I have to share. After all, the numbers game is really just an excuse for self-centered people to hear others talk about them publicly; shhh.

“#900 One of the greatest person i have ever met. I love the way you are, ur attitude, ur swagger, the way you think and act. As soon as we met i was pulled to u and we have been there ever since, i hope that never changes. Working with you is great bcuz u bring out the best in ppl but being able to call u a friend is even greater.”


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