Twitter trending

#Back2Football or #FNO

With the NFL season AND the worldwide fashion extravaganza “Fashion’s Night Out” kicking off the same day, I can’t help but wonder which will rule the twitterverse today. You’d think it would be very divided right? Because boys will be boys and girls will be girls: BUT lots of girls LOVE their football, and lots of guys […]


RadioShack Promotes on Twitter

RadioShack promoted #ifihadsuperpowers on Twitter today! They wanted followers to send photos holding out a hand… so they could place a gift in it. I tried, sent in this photo as they mentioned “holding your hand out to receive a prize,” to be the RadioShack holiday hero (read more>>) but didn’t win… check out what they […]


The Numbers Game

Everyone has their moment when they come face to face with the power of Twitter. My realization was the day everyone was playing The Numbers Game on Facebook. I remember logging on and seeing a couple of people playing and couple of tweets about not knowing what the Numbers Game was and why everyone was […]