Bikram Yoga Bronx

Last night was my first day of the wildly talked about Bikram Yoga, the Bronx location (231st). I’ve been hearing about this type of yoga for some time now as a few of my friends have tried it.

If you don’t already know, every class (suggested to be done on a daily basis) is a 90 min class composed of the same 26 poses, in 105 degree torture chamber :).

I decided to start with no expectations and wearing a bit too much compared to what I’d been told to wear by friends. I bought into the 7 day unlimited for $25, which is only for first-timers. My experience in bulleted format:

– Never have I ever sweated this much in my life.

– If I was EVER even close to sweating that much, I would have definitely submerge myself in water (pool/beach).

– DO NOT wear cotton clothing, check out yoga gear on Athleta.

– DO NOT think you’ll be able to have pretty straight hair throughout this journey (for those curly haired girls)

– The hardest part is getting used to the heat, as once you’re warmed up the positions aren’t as difficult as they seem.

– You better not be shkeeved by bare-foot-ness, because shoes aren’t allowed once a-couple-of-feet into the main studio area.

I plan on going for 15 days straight, as that’s the ‘prereq’, if-you-will, to sign up for the 30 day challenge, which, according to Bikram is:

“Never too old, never too sick never too late to start from scratch.” – Bikram


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