My Mii, Lele

I don’t think I formally introduced you guys to my Mii? I named her Lele… family name of mine. Isn’t she presh, little obese Mii LOL. It’s ok, her and I are working together and have lowered my BMI!! So far I’ve loved the Wii Fit that I got for christmas.

I love that it tracks your BMI, weight loss and “Wii Fit Age” as well as encourages you to come back every night or morning. I do wish the exercises were a bit more intense?! There are only a few I like where I actually feel a burn (Hula Hoop and boxing.) Other than that I supplement with the Wii Sports (Baseball and Tennis) which are great too- and is all tracked in the Wii Fit plaza.

Altogether- another great tool to have to help you stay on track!


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