What’s a WPS?

Tidbit for the job seekers out there:

I’ve been doing some reworking of unemployed friends’ resumes… and I’ve seen things left and right that are driving me crazy. Some are smoothed over by just a bit of constructive criticism, but others are just tougher to come by and I have to share- before another friend drives me crazy!

Before spending months and months applying to countless jobs, test your resume/cover letter emails! I cannot stress it enough. A friend of mine, looking for a full time job has been sending her resume out for 6 months! I asked her if I could take a look at it because I couldn’t imagine why… not one employer hadn’t gotten back to her.

Turns out her resume was a WPS format (?!), which for anyone with Microsoft suite from anywhere after 2005 cannot open.

(!!) Test your email, cover letter and resume with more than one person. Make sure they can receive, open the files and that the format hasn’t changed.

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