Blues of SoMe

Ever noticed that most of the Social Media networks’ logo’s are some shade of blue? I was revamping my res a bit last night- for the sake of not having to catch up too much at the end of the year- and in adding to theΒ aestheticsΒ of it, I considered the entire colorΒ palette. I’m known for my social buttons to the top of my resume ( I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about them), so the extras to the res had to somehow match the buttons. A bit annoying that the only colors I could choose were shades of BLUE! … Continue reading Blues of SoMe

Social-ize Your Res

Whoever told you it was OK so have a structured resume in Times New Roman 12- is lying to you. Aside from choosing a better font, creating a more appealing layout for your resume and PDFing it, learn “How To Add Retweet and Facebook Buttons…” to the PDF. We live in a social world now people… you seem quite out of the loop if you aren’t at least open to embracing it. Watch below- it’s a bit long but check it out, or read more>>   Continue reading Social-ize Your Res

What’s a WPS?

Tidbit for the job seekers out there: I’ve been doing some reworking of unemployed friends’ resumes… and I’ve seen things left and right that are driving me crazy. Some are smoothed over by just a bit of constructive criticism, but others are just tougher to come by and I have to share- before another friend drives me crazy! Before spending months and months applying to countless jobs, test your resume/cover letter emails! I cannot stress it enough. A friend of mine, looking for a full time job has been sending her resume out for 6 months! I asked her if … Continue reading What’s a WPS?

Building Bridges, How to Land the Job

So… I spoke on my first panel, and can I mention how empowering it was? The PRSSA chapter at my alum, CCNY PRSSA holds an annual “Building Bridges” event where they invite recent grads to talk about the importance of internships, networking and how they landed the job they currently hold. President of the CCNY chapter, Kellie Jelencovich, as well as fellow SM guru Jenn Spivak, hosted myself and 4 other recent grads for this years’ Building Bridges where we focused on Social Networking to meet the right people and land the right job! The 5th Annual Building Bridges speakers … Continue reading Building Bridges, How to Land the Job