resume building

Blues of SoMe

Ever noticed that most of the Social Media networks’ logo’s are some shade of blue? I was revamping my res a bit last night- for the sake of not having to catch up too much at the end of the year- and in adding to the aesthetics of it, I considered the entire color palette. I’m known for […]


Social-ize Your Res

Whoever told you it was OK so have a structured resume in Times New Roman 12- is lying to you. Aside from choosing a better font, creating a more appealing layout for your resume and PDFing it, learn “How To Add Retweet and Facebook Buttons…” to the PDF. We live in a social world now […]


What’s a WPS?

Tidbit for the job seekers out there: I’ve been doing some reworking of unemployed friends’ resumes… and I’ve seen things left and right that are driving me crazy. Some are smoothed over by just a bit of constructive criticism, but others are just tougher to come by and I have to share- before another friend […]