Oscars, My Worst & Favs

Just in my opinion… and I’m no Fashion Police extraordinaire- but what in the hell was this:

Click on photo for original source-

What turned into a mini Oscar party (Mom and I)- was focused on what was going on with this dress. What personally makes me shkeev… many fashion moguls gaga’d over because of the workmanship and detail. We thought the dress looked diseased, to be quite frank.

Again… no fashion police here- just a personal opinion- but it really would have looked better without all the disgusting, bubbly looking crap over over her shoulders.

Best dressed- look of the night? Anne Hathaway’s tux- I want to dress like this every day- from head to toe- love her shoes, hair, eyelashes and glitter shadow too! – The Lanvin lady tux: On Twitter, @gossipgirl wondered if Hathaway had out-suited Leighton Meester. (We couldn’t help wondering about those sparklers for shoes!) Read More

Re her shoes, BTW:  “StyleWriterNYC Fashion Journalist : Details on Anne Hathaway’s sparkly @Brian_Atwood shoes: the Fiona black satin pump with 8,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals … #Oscars

Another fav: Reese Witherspoon- who, and I agree, “@sabio28 looks like a Barbie doll! One of those vintage Barbie dolls #Oscars 2011

If you missed the #Oscars real-time last night… click on here to read all the fun on the twittaaa>>


  1. Redhead

    I’m with you on Cate Blanchett’s dress. what the hell was that? I keep referring to it as “that project runway dress” because that’s what it looks like. and NOT a design that won!

    I really liked the white blingy dress Anne Hathaway wore for the first portion of the awards. It had just the right amount of bling vs drapy fabric, I loved it!

    and I really liked Reese Witherspoon’s dress too. I’d totally weawr that. I thought it looked classic and showed off her curves.

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