Currently Obsessed

Thursday’s on Suazmo means one thing… I’m dishing on things I’m crazy about this week that you should be crazy for too. Enjoy! 1. Coloring Books Sure I’m 25, almost 26 (jesus christ,) but for some reason I find coloring a very relaxing,┬átherapeutic, and fun thing to do. So I bought a 24 pack of […]


Hello Golden Globes

Award season… the yearly prom-season for the rich and famous. The wins, FAILS, and talk of the Fashion Police for days. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get dolled up for one night, in borrowed (or purchased,) diamonds, designers gowns, pretty empty clutches (because I wonder what these women really have in those […]


Oscars, My Worst & Favs

Just in my opinion… and I’m no Fashion Police extraordinaire- but what in the hell was this: Click on photo for original source- What turned into a mini Oscar party (Mom and I)- was focused on what was going on with this dress. What personally makes me shkeev… many fashion moguls gaga’d over because of […]