iShanella (@shanella) had a great idea yesterday- stemmed from my “Today My Name Is” silly Starbucks-AM-rush baristas theory: how they can never quite get your name right! So I started a category and thought I’d quickly post my name on random days where they didn’t get it correct; see more>>.

The idea?- you’re probably wondering: mess with different Starbucks (not that they would care or know)- with different names everyday- specifically character names from a book. Since I’m reading the Twilight Saga, I decided to run with it.

This morning- Starbucks in Penn Station (1 of a few if I’m not mistaken)-

Barista: “What would you like today mam?”

Suaz: “Grande Soy Latte please!”

Barista: “Your name?”

Suaz: “Cullen”

(Suaz walks to the bar… waits for drink- barista doesn’t call out name, Suaz looks at drink on bar… curious, optimistic.)

Not my day to be a Cullen. Shux. Really. I was really looking forward to it. Well…. there’s always tomorrow!

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