Mindy & Me: On Hooking Up

I’m kind of sad that my “Mindy & Me” series is almost over! Really, the entire point of this was to share how great her book is to women similar to me and Mindy. So, if you haven’t read it… go read it! It’s a great little refreshing distraction. Today, Mindy and I cover “hooking up”. Mindy’s short rant on hooking up is all about how the term “hooking up” is completely confusing and misused (I agree) by everyone. What does it even mean anymore? Does it mean first base? A home run? Or something in between? Or like, a synonym for …connecting? “Let’s … Continue reading Mindy & Me: On Hooking Up

Mindy & Me: Poor Eating Choices

In a couple of pages in Mindy’s book, she addresses the day she stopped eating cupcakes; I knew before even starting the short story that I would totally understand. In a nutshell, Mindy talks about “Sunshine Cupcakes”, a bakery she would frequent when she’d go out on script*. …So, yeah, on my fourth consecutive visit to Sunshine Cupcakes, I was paying for my cupcake when the female manager approached me. GIRL: You’ve come here a lot this week. ME (mouthful of generous sample): Yeah, I love this place, man. GIRL: We know you’re on Twitter. And if you’re willing to tweet … Continue reading Mindy & Me: Poor Eating Choices

Mindy & Me: Level of Fame

I’m totally sucking at uploading these during peak social media time (for views and engagement, duh) but I keep forgetting the book at home to reference for the post! Putting it in my bag as soon as I finish this so I can upload Day 3 tomorrow around noon!  Did you read Day 1? All about mine and Mindy’s bullies in HS? For your convenience, click here. So, today’s Mindy & Me concern moment relates to being famous and the different levels of it. Mindy spends an entire chapter, pages 58 – 63, on “The Exact Level of Fame I … Continue reading Mindy & Me: Level of Fame

Questioning Adulthood

Sorry for all the age talk lately, must be the upcoming birthday, but I have to ask my fellow mature 25+ twenty-somethings: Do you ever have moments when you wonder whether you’re officially an adult yet or not? Like, will this be my “voice”, demeanor, thought process, lifestyle… into my 30’s/40’s? Because I had that moment today and after I caught myself thinking about it I thought, “No way! People change all the time!” Or do they? Share your thoughts below please. In the meantime, I’ll continue over thinking it. Continue reading Questioning Adulthood

The Mindy Project

While I won’t be home in time to watch it, I’m super pumped that The Mindy Project is back on tonight! The Mindy-Danny relationship has built up so much over the past couple seasons, from the tension throughout the last few episodes to the kiss mid-flight in the finale, I’m seriously looking forward to what happens next… and it better be a blooming relationship that lasts forever. Mindy better not f this up! She’s come such a long way. This is going to sound really bad but I just love that “the brown girl” got the Italian “white guy”… a … Continue reading The Mindy Project

A Song For My Future Husband

Something of a “Part 2” to my recent “Prayer for My Future Husband“, this is a song I’d like him to listen to before he ever plans on proposing. Yes, I can call him “my husband” because he’s going to love me so much that he’ll propose anyway after reading these lyrics, and of course I’ll say yes. It’s just that… I heard this song for the first time this morning and it’s totally me because “I Am Gemini” <- really good read for the Gemini’s and/or future Gemini daters out there. So, future husband, please read this because, without … Continue reading A Song For My Future Husband

A Prayer for My Future Husband

Last night I dreamed a dream I’ve never dreamt before that featured the man that seemed to be the love of my life. He was sweet and kind and had two brothers and big family which I was meeting for the first time. His family loved me and he loved me and it was everything. I can’t recall his exact facial features but I know that his smile made me smile. I woke up too soon. I don’t want to get into dream analysis at all, but I hope it is a sign of things to come. Inspired by this … Continue reading A Prayer for My Future Husband

Happy Birthday Mr. Gosling

Before I forget, I wanted to quickly wish Ryan Gosling a Happy Birthday! As a frequent guest on Beefcake Central, I thought I’d put together a tribute of his best photogenic moments as a birthday gift. Do you think he’d like it? PS: how is it fair that he’s as hot as he is and his birthday is on this special day, “11/12/13”?     Photo Cred: Each photo is linked to its respective Pinterest post!  Continue reading Happy Birthday Mr. Gosling

Men Need an App to Manage Women

I’m no connoisseur in the boyfriend or man department so forgive me and my naivety here… but really guys? You need an APP to remember the last time you got me something? Oh wait… you’re not just dating me. Right, ok. So, Mashable went ahead and featured “Amazing Girlfriend Manager” last week under “6 Weird Apps That Will Improve Your Life”.  This app is in the iOS app store under the “productivity” category. Is this real life? Dudes need an app to keep track of women? Why am I even surprised! Right? This is totally something BroBible would eat up. “Never destroy another relationship with … Continue reading Men Need an App to Manage Women