The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

Mindy & Me: Poor Eating Choices

In a couple of pages in Mindy’s book, she addresses the day she stopped eating cupcakes; I knew before even starting the short story that I would totally understand. In a nutshell, Mindy talks about “Sunshine Cupcakes”, a bakery she would frequent when she’d go out on script*. …So, yeah, on my fourth consecutive visit to […]


Mindy & Me: Level of Fame

I’m totally sucking at uploading these during peak social media time (for views and engagement, duh) but I keep forgetting the book at home to reference for the post! Putting it in my bag as soon as I finish this so I can upload Day 3 tomorrow around noon!  Did you read Day 1? All […]


Questioning Adulthood

Sorry for all the age talk lately, must be the upcoming birthday, but I have to ask my fellow mature 25+ twenty-somethings: Do you ever have moments when you wonder whether you’re officially an adult yet or not? Like, will this be my “voice”, demeanor, thought process, lifestyle… into my 30’s/40’s? Because I had that moment […]


The Mindy Project

While I won’t be home in time to watch it, I’m super pumped that The Mindy Project is back on tonight! The Mindy-Danny relationship has built up so much over the past couple seasons, from the tension throughout the last few episodes to the kiss mid-flight in the finale, I’m seriously looking forward to what […]


A Song For My Future Husband

Something of a “Part 2” to my recent “Prayer for My Future Husband“, this is a song I’d like him to listen to before he ever plans on proposing. Yes, I can call him “my husband” because he’s going to love me so much that he’ll propose anyway after reading these lyrics, and of course […]