So, I was thinking… as you can see by this photo below 🙂 [ finger to noggin] – the difference between these two Blisex‘s lip protectants in my hand. Galavanting through my To Do list this past weekend- I went to Harmon’s to pick up some Blistex for mi labios… and in thinking they didn’t have the little blue pod you see all over the place… I picked up the light cream one… “DCT: Daily Conditioning Treatment” instead.

On my way to pay, of course, I found the bucket of all the blue pods “Lip Medex” and picked one up too. To my surprise… it seems like everyone has been using Blistex ALL WRONG! Lip Medex is actually for relieving, cooling and restoring lips that are sore! But I see people using the blue pod ALL the time… never see the DCT pod.

The DCT pod is for daily conditioning, so that you won’t NEED the blue one. Obvs, I bought both, the Lip Medex for just-in-case cases- the DCT for everyday! Next time you see someone using the blue one mid-summer when they probably don’t have sore chapped lips, let them know :)!

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