Mighty Max

Let’s prove the power of social networks, Twitter and FB! Help share this tweet via @MTVAct– which I saw through @MTVTJ, and that I’ve been RTing! Let’s get #MIGHTYMAX trending (if not worldwide, at least in the USA)… and see if we can’t help him out!

“There’s a 12-year-old boy from Neola, Iowa, who is fighting against leukemia. His name is Mighty Max Low, and in just one month, he’s received nearly 10,000 get-well cards from around the globe. But superheroes have big goals: Mighty Max hopes to collect 1 million letters of support.” Read more>>

We can help him surpass 1M by just RTing and sharing! Make your own card or buy one- it’s a stamp and maybe $3-4. No big deal!  He’s received nearly 10K:

Get creative, buy a stamp, and send to:

Mighty Max Low

P.O. Box 111, Neola, IA 51559!

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