Power Girls Don’t Cry

Just finished reading Kelly Cutrone’s: “If You Have To Cry Go Outside- and other things your mother never told you”- what an inspiring, to the point, empowering book- really. And no, I didn’t read this because I am a communications professional and ever considered working at People’s Rev– but because I’d heard it was about a lot more than just her business, her money and her PR- it’s more about EVERYTHING else. How she got her money from NOTHING- how she came from reading palms once to opening the first Peoples Rev in CA to doing major PR for major clients internationally. (Did you see the pix of the pages Kelly signed?!>>)

I’m going to post some of my favorite, most mind opening quotes from the book as well as some her must-have and how-to lists- starting with this one- I’ll be sure to watch them all before the end of this year:

The Ultimate Power Girl Movie List

All About Eve
Baby Boom
Belle Epoque
The Devil Wears Prada
Erin Brokovich
Fatal Attraction
Idol Maker
National Velvet
Nine to Five
A Star Is Born
The First Wives Club
Thelma and Louis
Truth or Dare
Two or Three Things I know about her
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane
Working Girl

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