public relations

Writers Block?

Get over your Writer’s Block with CCNY’s PRSSA as they host a “CCNY Writers Block Party”- if not for the writing help, then for the networking and learning– which NEVER hurts! CCNY’s PRSSA also hosts Building Bridges– another fantastic networking opportunity! So don’t hesitate- this isn’t just for Communications majors and Shepard Hall hermits… head over, […]


Power Girls Don’t Cry

Just finished reading Kelly Cutrone’s: “If You Have To Cry Go Outside- and other things your mother never told you”- what an inspiring, to the point, empowering book- really. And no, I didn’t read this because I am a communications professional and ever considered working at People’s Rev– but because I’d heard it was about […]


Center for Communications

I don’t know the deets on the number of people that effectively use CenCom, but I can vouch it is a hell of a networking, skill building organization revolving around anything “communications”. I’ve been attending their events and seminars since I found out about them in school, everything from Kids media and meeting the voice […]