Kim Kardashian

Kim K Curls

So, if you don’t already know- I’m a huge Kim K fan, see more on just my blog>>– forget how much I @mention her on Twitter/FB. She’s my inspiration in a couple different departments- 1. She has a great body- forget the downstairs- that I won’t achieve without implants- but a nice fit tummy (not […]


Rob Kardashian, ESPN

Shut up, shut up, shut up. As if the Kardashian’s couldn’t be more amazing- little (HOT) bro Rob Kardashian, has been given the opp to WRITE for ESPN? LOVE IT. It makes all the sense- the kid is AT every major game sitting court side through one legit brother-in-law, forget all the past games from his sisters’ […]



Mr. Melo is taking over NY in so many ways… fans are going crazy and blowing up the trending on Twitter about it and more #WelcoMELO– Just tweeted by MSG, hot off the presser that started at 5pm before the game today- “Carmelo AnthoNY” incredible how The Knicks and MSG can turn around so much […]