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“Emailinterview”… haha, well I just came up with that one- might be already used by many, but I JUST dropped it. Recently getting into reading more hardcore than ever- have a couple of lists I’m going to try to get through, see more on my “2011 Reading List“, also have a few more here and there that I have to get into. Anyway, there’s nothing better than knowing someone who’s an avid reader, and reviewer!

Ms. Shanella– is a big YA (young adult) enthusiast- and while I don’t have a a specific genre in mind to continue reading (currently reading The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao), I had to know what she would recommend for me- so I asked her at the office one day- and she responded (disregard time stamp- this email’s been starred in my inbox for the longest- thought I’d document it on my blog so I wouldn’t forget):

“On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Shanella wrote:

Ones that I liked and didn’t like (but are good reads)

Wrapped — LOVED: written in flashes from two different time eras. Pretty decent romance and if you like period pieces this is cute:

The VestpertineLOVED: An 1800s period piece. Very cute and quick read

The Elegance of the Hedgehog— LOVED: Pretty long read and a slow start, but the ending is great.

The Mortal Instruments Trilogy– LIKED

City of Bones City of AshesCity of Glass:

The trilogy follows a girl who bumps into Shadowhunters (a “secret” race that protects humans from underworlders). It’s a complex story, contains a lot of romance and a lot of fae/vampires/etc.

Claire also wrote Clockwork Angel (which I loved over the TMI trilogy) and this is the first of another trilogy. It’s a period piece and a steampunk piece. It’s set in England in the 1800s and is about a girl who travels from America to England after being orphaned and is taken in by the shadowhunters of that era. You don’t need to read TMI to read this.

City of Fallen Angels is another one of her books. Comes out soon and is a continuation of the TMI series. You need to read TMI before this.

Hunger Games Trilogy–LOOOVED 

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire

This is not a series for the faint of heart. It is written in first person present so the writing takes a few pages to get into, but it’s set in a dystopian society where every year you have the Hunger Games — a game where children fight to the death. Interesting read and a fun love story as well. But this book is super realistic so not very light read. Though, I HIGHLY recommend it….

Then the Vampire books….

Companions of the Night a Vampire book I actually like! haha, I wish there were more books, but alas it’s just this one.

House Of Night — I don’t know how many books there are right now, I started reading it, I like it then it got weird and annoying and I’m not inclined to pick it up again. Chosen is the first one I believe

Vampire Academy — My cousin thinks this series rocks and is better than Twilight. I haven’t read the series because I’m tired of vampire novels.

The Vampire Diaries — supposed to be dark. Also the TV Show is based on this. See Vampire Academy for why I haven’t read it.


Amanda Hocking – she has a troll series that’s sorta cute, except I didn’t like the character development, but it’s cheap and the reading is quick and cute as long as you can get over the grammatical errors. She also has a vampire series, I read the first book, it’s OK, but similar idea like Twilight.

Jenny Pox  – a LONG read, but it’s a good book. Pretty cheap on the Kindle. Also, the story has an interesting plot. I think it could have been better with an editor as both this and Hocking are self published.

Then, there’s always HARRY POTTER.

Also, Anne Bishop wrote a trilogy that I loooved. It’s not a YA trilogy, but she also wrote other books in the same world:

Daughter of the Blood
Heir to the Shadows
Queen of Darkness

This is about a world of witches, and they are ranked in different orders depending on their talent. The realm is currently ruled by an EVIL witch and so the story is about the rise of a new leader (Witch). I loved it. I re-read it every now and then. I especially loved how it’s written but never in the POV of the heroine.


HA- this may take me longer than a year 🙂 but I’m excited to dive into what is YA! Thanks Shanella!

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