Honestly speaking here, I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge fan of NPR… never really listen to them on the radio. But as social media as I is… (LOL), I had to follow them on Twitter… and I know they do provide all the breaking news- so good source of quick worldly journalism at my twittertips!

Anyway, noticed they had a new logo for their twitter account- which I love, love, love. Told them how much I loved, and they directed me here>> where they are SPREADING THE WORD that it’s their 40th BIRTHDAY, and guess what? Everyone’s invited! 

Aside from downloading your fav button of theirs (mine above- of course, PINK and HEARTS) designed for the celebration- they also want to get #happybdayNPR trending starting with tweets at 4PM ET! Read more>> and join in with me! 

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