Book Juggling, a How-To

I was blown away when I stumbled on ireviewbooks.tumblr, just one of my friend Shanellas’ blogs- and noticed her goodreads app which featured the bookS she was currently reading (notice the BOLD “S”). Even more surprising was that there was pagination to the app!! A page TWO to the list of “currently reading”- so curious how one person can read a total of EIGHT BOOKS?! I went ahead and called this “Book Juggling” and had to ask Shanella more about this madness…this intriguing book-reading-savageness.

Meet Shanella

“I read a lot and I love talking about the books I read, so this year I’ve decided to read a bit more critically and to review books that I’ve read. While I do read a lot of YA novels, you’ll find some other genres scattered in-between.”

1. What are the Titles and Authors of the 8 books you are currently reading?

– Matched by Ally Condie
– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, a re-read during my downtime.
– The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
– The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
– Vixen by Jillian Larkin
– Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
– The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan
– Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

2. Why so many? To ultimately get through as many books as possible- or because you want to read all those that interest you if/when they interest you?

It’s really a mix. I’m interested in all of the books on my list! Matched and Vixen I’m reading for a book club. Harry Potter is in preparation for the movie this July. I’m trying to re-read the entire series before the final movie.

The Book Thief and Infinite Jest I’m reading with Mark Reads, though I might stop reading Infinite Jest until I have a time that I can concentrate on reading that one only. Jane Eyre is a casual read, for when I have some free time and feel like reading a classic and The Demon’s Covenant is a book I started a year ago, it’s a GREAT book, but I’m not a fan of the narrator in the book so it’s taking me a while longer to read than most books. I can’t get into her voice.

The Iron Daughter sort of fell off the band wagon from another book club. I love it thus far, but other books started getting in the way. I need a good three hour block to finish it and it will be off the list!

3. Which would you say are your favorites of your current reads, tell me why, for each, alla tweet-

– Matched: “Dystopian world filled with rules, where everything is decided for you. Cassia might break the biggest rule – thinking for herself!”

– Harry Potter: “Young boy, finds out he’s a famous Wizard. It speaks to the childhood fantasy of imagining you’re someone you’re not.”

– The Book Thief: “Death, as the narrator during Nazi Germany, spins the tale of a little girl growing up in war. Poignant. Beautiful. Teary.”

– The Iron Daughter: “Story of a girl who finds herself in Faerie. Mixing old legends with technology. It’s GREAT!”

4. How do you manage your reading… is their a strategy to the madness? Any recommendations?

I usually read whichever book matches my mood or has grasped me in its clutches at the time. It’s a bit like having different conversations with different groups of friends. When you go back to the book you remember the conversation from the last time and you can pick up as though you’ve never left off.

As far as strategy, I’m trying to get my currently reading pile down, so my goal is to finish three on the list by next week and then add another. I sometimes take notes about my books on Evernote — or Kindle if it’s a Kindle book — so I never forget things that stand out to me when I go back to reading that book or reviewing it. Other times I just remember because stories (in books or life) are what stand out to me above other things.

5. Lastly, why books? Describe your fascination alla tweet-

“Imagination. Books take you on journeys and stretches your creativity. They are also a reflection on the society for whom they were written.”

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Thanks Shanella! Love having you on The Suaz!

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