Awesome people that I want you to know.

Who Are You Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Thanks to Metro New York for including this image of “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” in the Entertainment section this morning. The photo was taken at a launch of the new GU Japan‘s logo in Tokyo and the editor was about as confused as I was with the photo of girl. “We’re not really sure what this […]


Meet Mr. Draper

For as long as I’ve known Mr. Draper (and no not Don Draper…BEN Draper) I could never pinpoint what exactly he loved to do more than anything else. I’ve known him as an Australian basketball player, skiing and liquor/spirits aficionado, production manager, model, actor and movie buff, among other things like being a great friend, like-a-brother-to-me, etc. So when […]


Inventor at Heart

I’m impressed by the people that pursue great inventive ideas because I think it takes a good mix of ambition as well as an entrepreneur mind-set to be discovered. Not that I’m not ambitious and/or able to execute any one of my creative ideas (which for the record have been quite imaginative and visionary,) but […]


Meet Mady

Ever been into the creative mind of a filmmaker? Or even sat down to chitchat over what inspires them or what drives them to tell stories through film? Well Suazmo’s got you covered, ponder no-more… meet Mady Suquet, filmmaker and designer. About Mady | With a keen eye for composition, Maderling has been involved in […]


M*Steady, Marquee Caterer

A true breath of fresh air, trendy Brooklyn-ite, that you may mistake for a feisty Italian, is taking NYC elite catering by storm. Working alongside the genius foodie at Shiraz Events for nearly 2 years, was nothing short of pure taste bud exhilaration. I can’t be prouder that Mr. Mike Adasko aka M*Steady (on the 1s & 2s) […]


To Live the NYC Dream or Not

Think the American Dream is hard to achieve? I think the NYC dream is even harder. Ever think about the courage it takes as a young, ambitious professional, in any field, looking for a big break in the big apple? Well I’ll give you a glimpse, meet Pauleen Anne, a recent graduate from St. John […]