8 Year Weigh-In

So… I did a little research today- because I realized, having lost 61 lbs (as of today) that I don’t know when I’ve EVER weighed 183 lbs.

All I had was this comparison (full body on the left) from my freshman year in college, October 2005,  halloween, CCNY volleyball, where I figured I might have been in the 190’s? (Right pic I took this weekend 5/7)

I was wrong! I called up my primary doc who I’ve been going to for years and it looks like in September of 2005 I weighed in at a physical at 202 lbs.

July 2004: 195

Kept going back…. last time I was in the 180’s? July 2003- I had just turned 16, 186 lbs. I’m now 183! 8 years later and I’m still a little over-weight but weighing less than I did EIGHT YEARS AGO! Def something I’m patting myself on the back for :).

In the 170’s? Aug 20th, 2002= 176lbs., 15 years old.

In 2 months I’ll weigh less than I did as an over-weight 14/15 year old teenage Sua. CRAY CRAY to say the least!

This was me at my worst- I will never look like this again! I even LOOK depressed. Jesus. November 18th, 2010

First time I’ve dropped numbers on my weight loss. At this point I don’t care. I’m living a healthier life now and that is what’s important. I’m not here to preach, but share. I really love myself too much to see myself in those conditions back in December 2010.

I’ve become a huge believer, that everyone has their moment. Which is why preaching just won’t do. You’ll see your picture, you’ll get bad news from the doctor, you’ll rip a pair of jeans, or bulge out of your bra or pants- and you’ll do a 360. It’ll only happen on your time and your terms.


  1. Nikisha

    You truly look amazing! I was trying to think of things to say that didn’t sound cliche but dude it is (th)inspirational and your doing an awesome job. You don’t need me to say keep it up but I felt like it would close it out so well. So…keep it up!

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