healthy living

Make August Count

Gone are the days of doing nothing from 6PM until bedtime, i.e. my life for the past few months. My awesome weight loss results feel like eons ago and the pounds I’ve gained back are haunting me everyday. I’m dedicating August, AKA “last-month-of-free-happy-life-because-I-start-my-Masters-in-September,” to getting off as much of the 30 lbs I put back […]


8 Year Weigh-In

So… I did a little research today- because I realized, having lost 61 lbs (as of today) that I don’t know when I’ve EVER weighed 183 lbs. All I had was this comparison (full body on the left) from my freshman year in college, October 2005,  halloween, CCNY volleyball, where I figured I might have […]


Non-Sinful Brownies

4 words: easy, delicious, healthy and SOO non-sinful!- Thanks @QuakerOats & @MyTrainerBob– for the recipe idea! Here’s the recipe in more details: * I do not own the rights to Britney Spears’ Hold it Against Me- No infringement intended.* Let me know what you think!