Big 16th & 21st Dresses

Little bored this morning, decided to try on some dresses I’ve kept in the closet because I’m a hoarder. LOL. My Sweet 16 dress and the dress I bought for my 21st!

Here is the metallic blue Calvin Klein, size 12, I’d bought for my 21st (which for the fashionable, I hunted these DOWN)

To clarify: my 21st birthday would have been celebrated on or around the 12th of June of 2008 (where, if my timing is correct I was probably 220 lbs), almost 3 years later (since my bday IS approaching):

Now, to be clear- the dress is VERY stretchy, gives a lot. Which is why you can see it didn’t seem SO tight (baggy around lower hips) in 2008. I did however wear Spanx to keep it all in, and all my weight was just gathering in my core, hence the protrusion in the center of the photo there.

Excited to say, if I ever have to wear it again… we’ll have a lotta taking in tooo dooo Lucy :).

Here is my Sweet 16 dress. Nothing serious really, but I remember it BARELY fitting the day of my birthday- which would have been on or around June 12th of 2003; a month later, BTW, July 2003, I’d weighed in at 186 at a physical.

I had to take the straps down, because one thing to keep in mind is that I wasn’t 5’9 in 2003- so the dress isn’t proportionate to me NOW. But… it fits- and I don’t think I ever wore this dress again after that birthday!

Inspiring and motivating morning for me. I’ll eventually need a completely new wardrobe and all my hoarded clothes will have to go to give-away… but it has all been worth it and will continue to be!


    1. Alexandra Suazo

      Thanks so much Emily!! I’ve been working hard! And…. THANK YOU for subscribing! I hope you love! I’ll need to take some time out to get to read through your blog too! Take care, and happy Memorial Day!

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