Loren’s World: Social Network

I’m sure you recall my winning Loren Ridinger’s “Social Network” contest back in early April on her lifestyle blog “Loren’s World”? Oh no? Well let me rehash! Oh and when you get a minute, check out my guest blog I did for the blog>>.

Loren (an amazing role model to aspiring corporate powerful women) tweeted a contest to make sure you were following her and tweet “why you love social media” to win the book Accidental Billionaires which was the foundation of the movie The Social Network ! Easy… for me! Tweeted and let her know on the post:

(“@lorenridinger I love social media b.c of the power it has- all is takes is a message & an influential following! #iliveforthis #lorensworld”)

The next day I saw this @mention and was SO excited to have won!

Any who, Loren & her team got me the DVD and book so quickly, but I’m just finally getting around to reading the book, and once I’m done, I’ll be watching the movie again!!

Check out my personalized thank you:

NO, no. Thank YOU Loren!! Don’t forget to check her out- awesome stuff on Loren’s World, on twitter @LorenRidinger and FB!

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