Chicken Salad

Suaz in the kitchen part 2, sans vlog.

My first chicken salad, inspired via my girls Andrea and Ashley who are very very domestic. Nothing like myself, well in the kitchen department that is.

I had no idea how easy it is to make, and that you use boiled chicken…um shocker for Suaz, I don’t think I’ve ever seen chicken being boiled. Ever!

So I tried it out tonight… SO easy, not only do you not have to wait for chicken to defrost, but no need to season before either. I let it boil for about 15-17 mins- and done!

Ingredients: I just seasoned with pepper and lemon- and added celery, green peppers. carrots and someĀ raisins- and decided to have it with cabbage, like lettuce wraps! Kind of looks like tuna right? SO much better though!

I heart chicken!

Delish, easy and I have tons more for the next few days! Easy peeeezy!

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