Did you know? I’m all about good deeds. Kid you not- I’m a very compassionate person, everything makes me feel sad LOL- while I fight to show it so I’m not taken advantage of, at the end of the day…. abandoned puppies make me cry. I try to do SOMETHING good for someone as often as I can- remember the lady that needed help spelling?

So, St. Jude’s has me in quite the bind. They’ve hooked, lined and sunken me to donate every now and then, $10 or $15 when I can. Do I believe it’s going to directly help the adorable child on the promotional gifts they send? No, probably not- but do I believe it’s going to benefit those kids in the long run, or kids with cancer in the future, yes. Check out all the cute stuff they send over!

I also have to admit, as hourder-esque as I am, I had kept this two BB’s- and I just couldn’t stand throwing them out!! Why throw them out when someone could use them?!

No one would buy them from me… so I contacted Verizon, and it turns out you can recycle phones likes these (sometimes even get money back!), to organizations they work with like HopeLine and others.

How do you donate? Do you volunteer? How do you giveback? Guys… we have to. Be selfless one and a while, you never know, you may learn something new about yourself!

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