Week 3, 2 Weeks Down

Weigh-in and measurements Tuesday 6/7, AM:

181.2 lbs
Bust: 41
Waist: 33.5
Hips: 40.5

See Week 2 Weigh-in & Measurements

Losing that waist the most- bust and hips seem to be staying the same, and weight is plateauing, but more because I’m building muscle, and we all know the ageless fact, “muscle weighs more than fat.”

Slightly frustrating, but Will has told me time and time again to “forget about the number.” Which I’m trying to do, but I can’t help but feel discouraged if I don’t hit that 165 by the end of these 8 weeks!

Other things are improving though, like my pushups, and running which are huge for me! Will will be guest blogging later today/this week re my progress! I’m excited to read his vantage point!

Busted 200m Walking Lunge knees aside,

what’s keeping me motivated? Besides my own goals and Will? Quotes likes this:

Just get up and do it all over again today!



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