Not-so Minus 94 on 24

What a bday weekend! Soooo much fun going out last night alla Suaz Soiree at Brass Monkey with all my favorite people! Got a twitter wish come true on Friday, a new Kindle from my NYC crew,

…dinner at Southern Hospitality where @TheRealDJKhaled graced our presence, a beautiful framed photo from my cho-na’s, gift cards from friends in Westchester- danced my ask off until 4AM with an old friend and his girl- woke up today to a slammin’ omelette and beautiful roses:

…going to my fav restaurant for lunch, then to the city to the Ocean Life Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. AWESOME bday weekend 🙂

This post though- is more about how back in December, I had set a goal to lose all my weight by today- minus 94 lbs, and celebrate:

However, that goal was quickly reassessed when I realized that was ALOT of weight to lose in 7 months- which wouldn’t have been healthy. All I’ve wanted is to do this the RIGHT way so I never gain the weight back.

Therefore, today, June 12th, 2011, on my 24th birthday- I’m ecstatic to report what I have lost, drumroll please: 64 lbs and counting! With a more realistc goal (74 lbs as opposed to 94) to finish the weight loss by the 2nd week in July- only 15 to go!

For the curious- here is a lineup of photos from my bday’s thru the years:

…and yesterday:

I’m SO proud of what I have accomplished , and want to thank my family and friends for all the support! I CANNOT wait to finish and maintain!

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