NYC Live, I Love

Nothing like a little live performance in NYC. THIS is why NYC is so fantastic.

Leaving the Museum of Natural History Sunday on my birthday- we heard some screaming, an introduction to a show. As apprehensive, impatient and skeptical as a NYer can be, we all debated giving him the time of day… and then did JUST that. After all, Only in NY right?

Here’s a little sneak peek of Mr. MEGA FLASH- watch and then click-thru to his FB page and let him know what you thought!

Re “Street Theatre” vs. “Regular Theatre” I agree and disagree. I think, in general you get what you pay for. There’s a reason Broadway shows cost money- depending on the show- they are nothing short of the most fantastic 2-3 hours of your life. This was free, and while super cultural and so NYC, was just barely memorable.

Love the effort though and the ambition Mega Flash! Keep up the hard work!

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