Into Week 4

Halfway there kids! Weigh-in and measurements Monday 6/13, AM:

178.4 lbs
Bust: 41
Waist: 33
Hips: 40

See Week 3 numbers>>

Well, well. With a birthday weekend and all, sans cheating AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, I lost a couple lbs AND a couple half-inches from waist and hips.

Workout wise though, Will and I are trying to get our shiz together- LOL everyday of training last week hated our schedules, AND the last day we tried was when the redic storm hit NYC. It was like uber dark at 6:30PM? Yeah. He wanted to make us stay, but when it started torrentially down pouring we HAD to run for cover! I got through two rounds of a circuit though in the LIGHT rain . Check it:

OH, & thought I’d share my new inspiration. SLAMMIN’ body.

New to The Suaz? Check out my weight-loss progress here>> and be sure to skim through the Topic Train (Top Right Navi).

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