The Real @BarackObama

Will the Real Barack please tweet-up? Sounds like it, at @BarackObama!

Barack’s campaign staff has always managed it- with no direct tweets from him, but as of yesterday, ‘the Commander In Chief will be penning tweets of his own and that “on Twitter, tweets from the President will be signed ‘-BO.’”’

Can You Really Imagine Him Tweeting?

According to Mashable’s sources, the @BarackObama account has been active since 2007, when Obama was using social media in his campaign for the presidency. “…however, as the account began accumulating updates in 2009, we discovered that the President’s staff, not the President himself, was actually posting the tweets.” Read more>>

I think this is a great move for Obama, and I think we can all agree it will only stir up the digital excitement around the campaign for 2012 race! I’m excited and interested to keep an eye on this!

Will you be following?


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