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The Real @BarackObama

Will the Real Barack please tweet-up? Sounds like it, at @BarackObama! Barack’s campaign staff has always managed it- with no direct tweets from him, but as of yesterday, ‘the Commander In Chief will be penning tweets of his own and that “on Twitter, tweets from the President will be signed ‘-BO.’”’ According to Mashable’s sources, the […]



Trending all morning today, and well still…way longer than just an hour, and boy o boy the confessions that are comin’ a’spewing out!! Should we rehash to #ConfessionDAY? Here are a few of my favs: – MzKittie88 Andrea W:  #confessionhour I just split my pants @ work and don’t know how it happened ☹ – celizabethc09 ※€lízäbèth※§ […]


RadioShack Promotes on Twitter

RadioShack promoted #ifihadsuperpowers on Twitter today! They wanted followers to send photos holding out a hand… so they could place a gift in it. I tried, sent in this photo as they mentioned “holding your hand out to receive a prize,” to be the RadioShack holiday hero (read more>>) but didn’t win… check out what they […]