Week 5, 28 Days Left

THIS IS SO HARD! AND FRUSTRATING. There is so much truth to the fact that the last of your weight loss IS THE HARDEST to get off. Haven’t stopped working hard- but with the ‘muscles’ building it adds the 2 lbs I might have lost in water or fat. But… stay positive, right ExFatGirl? …RIGHT! (Thought this cutie would depict my ARGH with a happy face :).

Mark's MOFITS: Chewy Pup- Click to Check him Out

Especially because, actual numbers aside, I’m still losing from my waist- so things are reshaping and slimming. It’s just that stank number! Hips/Bust…stagnant.

Monday 6/20 AM:

180 lbs
Bust: 41
Waist: 32.5
Hips: 40

*took a couple of extra measurements:

Neck: 14
Left thigh: 24
Right thigh: 24.5

See Week 4 numbers>>

28 days until the 8 weeks are over. Working as hard as I can to make this happen. I know I shouldn’t care about the number… so even after the 8 weeks- either way- I’ll keep working until I’m happy with the way I look!

For those working on their weight-loss too: Need something new? A new challenge? Give this a go- my gluts are killing me.

Treadmill, walking, 40 mins. Let me know how you do! 


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