The Slosh Pit

The Slosh Pit: sounds very… hot mess-ish right? Also sounds like a lovely adjective our gen uses to describe a rediculous night of drinking… ‘sloshed’. Love that one. Want to know where I stumbled on the term ‘Slosh Pit’? Non-other than Bloomberg Businessweek– too funny. Why?

Well because for those working, especially in the 9-5 corporate environment can be subject to happy hours with the ‘team’ – people you work with, acquaintances, but don’t KNOW know and/or ever drank with before. Ever wonder how they’ll act sloshed? And/or how you’ll act for that matter? There’s a fine line between continuing the act of professional or giving in to the readily accessible (and cheaper) libations.

Businessweek did the work for us:

How you behave around your colleagues during happy hour can say a lot about you

There’s often an undercurrent of sexuality, fueled by ethyl alcohol,” says body language expert David Givens, author of Your Body at Work. “You’re drinking and eating in the pleasurable rest-and-digest mode. Emotions become exaggerated.” Especially when the wrong person gets control of the jukebox. Read more>>

Long story short- they created a FANTASTIC “Field Guide to Happy Hour“- a line up of all the “types” of drunks:

After reviewing, I feel like I’m the ‘Device Bonder’, do you agree?

Device Bonders, 8%: Intense, fetishistic sharing of photos, texts, or new apps on each other’s handhelds is “bonding, sharing your artifacts,” Givens says. Wood: “Sharing photos [on a smartphone] has replaced sharing stories. People get physically intimate, shoulder to shoulder. When you hand over your device, you’re sharing a part of yourself.”

Figure out your type here then Tweet me YOUR type and tag it #SloshPit.

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