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I’ve been in limbo for weeks, as I know I have to brand my blog- find a way to talk about it- it needs a niche… some Ritalin honestly; a FOCUS and less ADD.

Did my research, and of course even the NYTimes can talk Blogging. Turns out there’s a lot of people out there that start it and do it just to make money? Not moi. I love this blog- really. I think it’s so pretty- and I’m convinced I can grow my following by exposing my personality and my outlook on everything that is LIFE, well because I love to share everything with everyone all the time, because I think they’ll benefit from it in at least one of many ways;

“What the successful have in common is a passion for their subject and a near-compulsion to share what they know.”

…but it’s not enough. So the advice I’m using to lead my brainstorm?

“My advice is to choose a topic you’ll never get tired of,” said Stephanie Nelson, 47, of Atlanta, a homemaker who founded in 2001 to share tips on saving money by using coupons. “The first three years I made no money at all, so I had to love what I was doing to keep going.”  Read more>>

To my fellow bloggers, COMMENT BELOW: What’s kept you a-blogging? How did you find your passion? Your niche? Your CREME DE LA CREME that you HAVE to share with the world?


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  1. Souzapalooza

    Similar to Seinfeld being the TV show about nothing, The Souzapalooza Blog is the blog about nothing. I just use my blog as a place to share random things that peak my interest that I think other people might find interesting and seeing what grows out of that.

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