Red Lobsta

NEVER thought I’d have to justify a trip to Red Lobster, since I don’t eat ANYTHING that swims (besides canned tuna), but now I have to.

Post beach day, I joined a crew on their typical post-beach-day feast at Red Lobster. Bit conflicted here huh? What’s Suaz going to eat?

Well, let’s start from the beginning; since I was a virgin Red Lobsteree and all. It’s really just like any other middle-america family restaurant (TGIF, Applebee’s, Uno’s Chicago Grill): big tables, large portions, massive 24 oz glasses, and enough biscuits to turn into one.

Started as a 30 min wait for a 7 seat round- which we waited out by the bar, with the very nice and simple bartender.

Once seated, I had a chance to glance over the menu- whoa. If you’re a virgin Red Lobsteree too, check out the menu>>.

My friends ordered things like “ultimate and admiral feasts” “trios” and “pick two”:

Waitress came over, like a robot. Pretty sure she assumed we’d know what we wanted and asked these questions round the table like clock work:

1. What would you like?
2. Specific question regarding meal- if necessary.
3. Side of broccoli, home-style mashed potatoes, wild rice pilaf, baked potato or fries seasoned with sea salt?
4. Salad Garden or Cesar?
5. Dressing?
6. Drink.

She was a machine. I’m sure you’re dying to know what Suaz ordered? Steak, and it was good! Really. I’m no steak connoisseur, but it wasn’t bad- nice and well done like I like it- sans the onions on-top:

…and going down the list above: side of broccoli, and a garden salad with balsamic dressing- and water, water, water. Which BTW- I kept having to ASK for. Guess it isn’t as easy to refill as the biscuits; ridiculous.

funny moments:

1. When the waitress came over and tied one of these puppies to the guys that ordered the feasts-

2. Reading the word “accompaniment” on the menu. Which as far as I knew wasn’t a word pertaining to food or a menu. LOL- Why not just SIDES? They just tryna be fancy :).

OVERALL– not as dreadful as I thought it’d be. Would I go back? Probably not, mainly because I don’t eat seafood. But, to each his own and I’m sure it’s the best place to many family’s out there!

BTW, the reason I say Lobsta and not Lobster:

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