Catch Your Zzz’s Somewhere Else

Don’t be this person on the train, please.

Ridiculous having to stare at a person that doesn’t have the appearance of being homeless or smelly, taking up FOUR SEATS all the way from 242nd Street- to at least 23rd- (I got off at 28th- and he did not.) A crowded subway car is already too annoying to deal with.

Fortunately I had a seat the entire ride, but obviously that was 4 less seats for others that this inconsiderate guy felt the need to catch his zzz’s on during rush hour in NYC.

My sister rode in with me, to 116th and she, twice over, wanted to walk over and just sit on his head by accident. LMFAO. I would have PAID to see that. And while I was hoping someone would wake him up, because he didn’t look/smell homeless, NO ONE DID. I was actually REALLY surprised, the train was packed too especially between 72nd and 42nd.

[Just another fantastic installment of Today on Train.]

What would you have done? Let me know below-


  1. Melissa

    If a cop was on the train he would have gotten a ticket (that’s the law, I learned that the hard way lol) but I don’t I’d be annoyed not sure if I would have woken him up.

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