Free Slurpee Day

Like you didn’t know today was Free Slurpee Day:

Yeah, yeah… Happy BDay 7-Eleven, keep selling FAT AMERICA Super Big Gulps- you have plenty to be “proud of”. BEFORE you go get your FREE Slurpee in celebration of their bday today (7/11, smart!), LISTEN UP!

Ever look into what the hell is in all that sugar? I looked into it on my LiveStrong food tracker, for an 8 oz Pina Colada- just an example:

sugar & carbs. NOT saying you can’t treat yourself, or have a free one today just because… I mean it isn’t a BIG GULP (6-700+ cals) or anything- but just think of all that sugar and what it’s doing to the levels of EVERYTHING in your bod.

Remember these ads?

SAME concept. Don’t be a follower like everyone else in America. While there aren’t many FREE things in life, this one isn’t really worth taking advantage of. And I know, it’s just one slurpee, but really:

“According to “F as in Fat,” a report released Thursday by the Trust for America’s Health, adult obesity increased in sixteen U.S. states during the past year and decreased in zero states. Obesity rates also soared to an unprecedented 30 percent or more in twelve states…

Overall, the study concludes, a lot of people are really fat: “Two-thirds of all adults and about a third of all children and teenagers in the United States are overweight or obese.” Dr. James Marks, an “F as in Fat” engineer, explained:

“Since the 1970s, the rate of obesity has tripled or quadrupled, and we’ve got an even larger problem coming with our children.” (via @nymag, America’s Only Getting Fatter.)

Stand up for yourself, your health, and the healthy HOT person you can be. Suaz

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