Cash or Credit?

Cash is KING”. Or so says this driver I had the joy of riding with.

My initial intention was to just capture this man, that I felt was just more concerned about conversation with me than actually driving and paying attention to the road. Please look how he was just turned almost completely to me:

We then got into a convo about credit cards, debit cards and cash. This guy was ADAMANT about how ridiculous people are that “charge” things like coffee, $2-$5; that it’s just out of this world to him. Understands big purchases, but not the small stuff.

His vantage point? That if you don’t have the paper,  you shouldn’t be using the plastic to begin with. I partially agree, that it’s quite silly, but then again- I’m that person who NEVER has cash! Are you? Watch more below.

p.s if you listen carefully, he gets fresh with me.
COMMENT below if you catch it.

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