Goblet of Fire

July 16th I decided to take the dive… the dive into the world-phenomenon that is Harry Potter. I took out the first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and vlogged from within the tranquil walls of my public library as I prepared to start reading.

In 35 days I read not only the 1st, but also the 2nd and 3rd.  So much for just dipping my toes in the water huh? I took a PLUNGE into the deep end.

The morning of August 19th, I picked up the 4th book, and on I went into the adventure of Harry and the Goblet of Fire.

I can completely understand why this series is so admired by millions of people of all ages. However, I won’t go as far to say that I enjoy it more than Twilight, although it is similarly quite the page-turner. HP takes you on a longer journey, 7 years at Hogwarts- long time. Don’t know that we could have followed Edward and Bella that long. Nonetheless I see HP as much more young adult than Twilight, less romance more fantasy, which may be why I still believe Twilight wins my heart. But my imagination (?), Harry and his crew champion.

So I’ve picked up book 5 and I’m excited to continue the adventure.

Unfortunately I know how the story ends, having watched Deadly Hollows 2 before reading/watching any of 1-7(1), but as the story actually goes, the books are always better than the movie…so read I must.  I won’t be surprised if I cry some more too, these books can be quite emotionally impairing.


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