Summer at Camp Couture

With summer finally at an end and the youngins’ back to school, all we can do is reminisce on the fun we had. Three months of beach, relaxation and memory making (for all I hope)– most especially for kids that went to sleep-away camps.

Did you ever go to one as a kid or young adult? I did, Girl Scout Camp, one summer, hated it. That’s just me though, the sessions I chose were pretty lousy (fitness camp and some kind of medieval times program,) and not exactly doing what I’d prefer to be doing all summer. BUT I made awesome friend, which I penpal-ed with for a couple of years.

Sounds like in more the recent years, as a result I’m sure to summer programs not catering to the specific interests of all their campers, have become more niche. Take for example a group of fashion forward teen girls that attended Fashion Camp NYC, a five-day program centered at LIM college in Midtown Manhattan now in it’s fourth year.

“Campers dream up their own fashion brands, tour museums, learn to blog, attend lectures by stylists and editors, and barnstorm shop at Barneys and Saks in trips known as “market visits.” Cost for Fashion Camp NYC: $1,295 (not including housing and meals.)

Other than catering to the fashionable young ladies all over, the idea is genius, and the duo behind it deserves more than an applause. As featured in the @NYTimes, it was dreamed up by a husband-and-wife team: Gordon Josey (FT Summer Camp Director) and Fran Della Badia (SVP for Coach.) Isn’t this the perfect equation?

Parents of the kids attending Josey’s camp stressed what they were going to do with their daughters for the summers which preferred to go shopping than sail. It clicked, Josey and Della Badia created Fashion Camp. Fashion Camp NYC is not the only camp in this niche, there are others in Running Springs, CA, Texas Tech U, but this is the most successful in the heart of NYC. The genius team it isn’t even running it as a money-maker.

I know you’re thinking, “well how about FIT, they offer pre-college courses!” However, unlike FIT, Fashion Camp includes FUN as well as professional development for these younger girls.

While parents sometime complain, “we pay all this money and they’re going shopping?” Della Badia adds, “They have to be in stores because that’s where the business is happening… you go to a department store and say: ‘Where do you go first? What’s on the front table? Is it seasonally appropriate?”

Sounds like the perfect way to help these girls learn the biz! Kudos @FashionCampNYC!

p.s: I would love to be a part of the program next year, teach the girls some Suazified blogging ;D. Maybe Josey & Badia will read this and contact me!!

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