50 Cheap Date Ideas

Nothing either sex dreads more than a first date. Yes or No? If you don’t dread it than you are at least on edge about where to take the date, and/or how to be budget-friendly. After all, you don’t want to break the bank if she’s not a keeper. Or do you break the bank anyway because you’re that much of a gentleman?

If the former is more true, then we’re here to help. Inspired by Marie Claire’s FIFTY “Cheap Date Ideas,” resident Foodie and Man Cave contributor Frankie breaks out his Top 5 straight from the source so you don’t have to go crazy reading through all 50! +1 — his style.

Cheap Date #11 Shooting Range:
Don’t you think a girl, who is in her right mind and not mad at you, looks sexy holding a gun? Why else do you think Tomb Raider was so successful?

Cheap Date #14 Drive-In:
I’m trying to find a drive-in movie theater around the NY area. It’s on my imaginary bucket list. You’re surrounded by people but you still have your intimate space so it doesn’t matter what movie is on.

Cheap Date #24 Cooking:
They say the easiest/fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I can’t disagree with this statement, hence my twitter name @feed_mee. But I’ve heard females say they find it sexy when a man knows how to cook for them. I love being fed but I do not mind throwing on an apron and fixing up a dish. I stay away from the microwavable crap too because, let’s face it gentlemen, the ladies want to see us get down and dirty by the stove. A five year old can microwave food too. Not impressive.

Cheap Date #36 Baseball Game:
When reading this I almost choked up. What better date idea could there be!? Food is not the only way to my heart, baseball is too. A girl may not know a thing about baseball but she will get a good laugh watching me go through an emotional roller coaster.

Cheap Date #43 Gym/Workout:
I have always been impressed with girls who workout. I think it’s sexy when a girl sweats during a good workout. It makes me feel somewhat normal since I sweat for no reason. Not to mention, one of my professors said couples who workout together have a healthier sex life.

Cheap Date Frankie Style: Ice Cream & Walk in Park- for the New Yorkers
On 72nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue there’s a Haagen Dazs. Two blocks east you have Central Park. I get a double scoop of cookie dough on a cone to make sure I have enough ice cream for the walk to the park. Central Park is huge, so if you walk aimlessly, chances are you’ll bump into something you have not seen before, and your date’ll be pretty excited/impressed- because you sort of “planned it.”

Additionally, resident Man Cave contributor Jesus, found his own cheap date ideas better.

When it comes to the actual dates I like variety, they can definitely be simple but fun. Let’s be honest. The person you are with holds the key to the actual outcome of the date. You can go on a helicopter ride around NYC but if the person you’re with is boring you won’t enjoy it as much. So here are 5 cheap dates I think can be extremely fun with the right companion…

1. Dive Bar: Wouldn’t it be fun to compete against other couples in beer pong games? If she enjoys having a few drinks this can definitely be a place to get comfortable.

2. Night of Pampering: If she had a long work week offer her a full body rub. If you’re good enough, chances are she will return the favor. Either way you have full access to her body… I call that an excellent date.

3. Bowling Alley:  Again, competition can be fun. Great place to have fun and engage in some interesting bets…“A kiss if a get a strike”, “I’ll give you a massage if you beat me” and so on.

4. Sporting Event: This one is a no-brainer, see Frankie’s #36 above. A girl that can go to any sporting event with you is a keeper. Buy a pair of bleacher seats and the rest is history.

5. Outdoor Picnic: Get creative. This can actually score you more points than spending $200 at a 5 star restaurant.

Be the HEro and do something different.

There are plenty of things you can do that won’t break your bank. Step outside the box from time to time… trust us, she’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Need more ideas? See the rest of the Cheap Date Ideas, and let us know which YOUR favorites are for your next lady.

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