Jeans that Give

Jeans that give? Probably not what you want. I don’t mean give in the material though… I meant that they keep giving- for a cause.

I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful ladies of S2 Jeans (Mia and Susan) when I produced The Holiday Lookbook with Shiraz Events. I new immediately they’d be an excellent brand to showcase because of their approach to donating to a great cause, “by contributing 3% of our sales to the Hope for Haiti Foundation. Our goal is to eventually provide needed jobs by manufacturing our jeans in Haiti. Please consider supporting this worthy cause.” Isn’t that great? I felt so humbled, so I had to bring them on and learn more.

Turns out that “after the devastating January 12 earthquake, David (founder) travelled to Haiti on a mission trip with the Hope for Haiti Foundation. Based on this experience, David gathered a group together to discuss how to help the victims of this earthquake. Since textiles are Haiti’s primary export, the idea for S2Jeans was born.” Learn more about the fantastic team.

I had the honor of a pair of these fantastic jeans, and while they were first very fitted, I was more recently able to wear them (and now they’re actually big on me.) But a great wear non-the-less and definitely a durable denim; “S2 Jeans uses premium 12 weight, 98/2 denim from Cone Mill’s White Oak facility in North Carolina. We love this denim because it retains its shape through several days wear, is close to impossible to rip, and is exceptionally comfortable.”

What do you think?

Definitely check them out on Facebook and @S2Jeans too- such a great organization and totally worth investing in a pair of these premium jeans that keep giving.

Special thanks to Susan for all her support- hope to continue staying in touch for years to come :D.



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