#MLBPlayoff Picks

Are you following me on Twitter (@Feed_MEE)? If you are, then on Friday at some point you must have read my tweet:

Ladies, anticipate cancelled, postponed or rescheduled dates because it interferes with GAME TIME. It’s that serious. I usually never talk aloud about my predictions because they never turn out to be right, but I want to share what I think and see what everyone else is thinking too.

These are my 2011 MLB playoff picks.
Note | These are pre 9/30 games but I had to make a critical adjustment for the Yankee series.
Let’s start with the hometown favorites…
– NY Yankees vs Detroit Tigers: Yankees in 4
I had Detroit winning this series but after Friday’s postponement resulting in the Yanks only facing Verlander once in the series, my scale tipped over to the Yankees. Doug Fister has excellent numbers after joining the Tigers but he’s not the pitcher I would prefer to face the Yankees in a short series.
– Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Rays in 5
The Rangers have a sick line up but Tampa Bay has a better pitching staff. Rays are also playing with less pressure on their shoulders. People are amazed at what they’ve accomplished so they will not hear heavy criticism if they lose. Texas wants to go back to the World Series and anything else would be utter failure.
– Milwaukee Brewers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks: Milwaukee in 4
The Diamondbacks, and manager Kirk Gibson, have received a lot of praise throughout the 2011 season. A division where the favorites were the 2010 champs San Francisco Giants, and the LA Dodgers, they competed and finished on top. This series, however, belongs to the Brewers. The way Braun and Fielder are destroying the baseball it’s almost impossible to root against them. Braun lost the batting title but is eyeing the commissioner’s trophy instead. Fielder, who might be playing his last days in Milwaukee, wants fans to remember him as a champion. Aside from the great offensive they have Gallard and Grienke leading the pitching rotation.
– Philadelphia Phillies vs St. Louis Cardinals: Phillies in 3

This is the tricky one. The Phillies have the Yankees’ batting lineup mixed in with the best pitching staff in baseball. St. Louis battled for a playoff spot the whole month of September, but the Phillies are not the slumping Braves. Needless to say I have the Philies sweeping this one.

So what do you think? Agree, disagree? Share your picks below- need the match-ups rookies? Here’s the MLB playoff schedule.

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